The quiet Olympiad gold medal winner Le Ba Khanh Trinh : Lặng lẽ Lê Bá Khánh Trình

nguyenthanhnam1210: Mặc dù bản gốc là tiếng Việt, song cũng xin phép post bản tiếng Anh lên trước –> thói sính ngoại (Although the original is Vietnamese, but also for permission to post the English version first) hehe…

English version:

More than 30 years ago when Le Ba Khanh Trinh won the gold medal at the mathematics Olympiad and the special prize, people thought that with his talent, Trinh would become a famous mathematician. Therefore, many of them have got surprised when hearing that Trinh simply works as a mathematics lecturer at a university in HCM City.

n the 1980s, the name Le Ba Khanh Trinh was known to everybody in Vietnam, especially among school boys and girls. He was the idol of all students in the country after he found a unique way to solve the question at the 21st mathematics Olympiad, held in London in the UK.

However, the name has later fallen into oblivion. Many people asked each other: “Where is the Vietnamese mathematics golden talent?” Tiếp tục đọc